Hobert Pools & Spas answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers about purchasing a pool and the pool construction process. Please click on the + to reveal the answer and the – to hide it.

How long will it take?

How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

New Pool Estimated Time-Line


  • 1st Appointment at your home to measure the yard and discuss design ideas
  • 2nd Appointment at the office to review 3D pool designs and material options
  • 3rd Appointment to finalize details and sign the swimming pool contract


  • Design plans are recreated into detailed construction plans for city approval
  • Construction plans must go to the utility company first for approval and line locate
  • After the utility company stamps the plan, the city must approve the plans.
  • Some neighborhoods will require a Homeowner’s Association approval.
  • If financing your pool, loan documents will need to be signed prior to excavation.


  • Seasonal demand, weather, and job complexity will dictate the length of time estimated.


  • Once the pool is plastered and filled with water, equipment maintenance and pool care will be reviewed.
  • Many plasters finishes will require an acid wash and several days to balance the required chemicals prior to swimming.


  • Enjoy living life with family and friends in your new backyard oasis!

How do I know what type of pool would work in my backyard?

Hobert Pools design consultant will help you design the perfect pool for your needs. With the knowledge and creativity of our team, we’ll put together a complete package that will fulfill your backyard dreams, starting with our state-of-the art design software.

Is my backyard big enough?

We’ve built over 15,000 pools in all shapes and sizes. For extremely small yards with very little access, we have even hand-dug the swimming pool. We have the tools, equipment, and personnel to make your dream of owning a swimming pool a reality.

Do you build in my area?

We have 2 design centers with display pools located in Murphy and Rockwall and typically build within a 70-mile radius of Dallas/Fort Worth.

How much time is required to take care of a swimming pool?

With innovative technology and equipment today, owning a pool is easier than ever. Most owners will choose some sort of automation to operate their pool, which will be set on a consistent schedule. You can estimate to spend 5-10 minutes per week doing minimal pool maintenance or you may opt to have our maintenance department clean your pool weekly, so all you have to do is spend your time relaxing.

Will a pool increase the value of my home?

Yes. Most studies show that a pool will increase the value of your home anywhere between 5% and 15% and tremendously aids in the resale of your home to prospective buyers.

Is there any truth to ads promising pools at very low prices?

It is possible to build a pool at a low price, however, equipment, structural elements, and craftsmanship will all be compromised. Poor quality construction will undermine the integrity of the pool and possibly put your family at risk. At Hobert, we are committed to delivering a quality product that will fit within your budget and achieve your backyard dream.

What about warranties?

Warranties are extremely important and Hobert Pools will stand behind its warranties, especially the structural guarantee. Hobert Pools has been in business for 45 years and will continue to operate well into the future with the same attention to quality and integrity.