Pool Remodel Estimator

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Remove Tile - Pool

Remove Tile - Spa

Add Standard Tile - Pool

Add Standard Tile - Spa

Remove Coping - Pool

Remove Coping - Spa

Add Standard Coping - Pool

Add Standard Coping - Spa

* standard coping is oklahoma flagstone, leuders, or precast

Prep Old Plaster & Apply Bond Coat - Pool

Prep Old Plaster & Apply Bond Coat - Spa

Add White Plaster - Pool

Add White Plaster - Spa

Add Colored Quartz Plaster - Pool

Add Colored Quartz Plaster - Spa

Add Pebble Plaster - Pool

Add Pebble Plaster - Spa

Add Diamond Brite Plaster - Pool

Add Diamond Brite Plaster - Spa

Remove Decking

Add Brushed Concreted (sqft)

Add Washed Aggregate (sqft)

Add Master Deck Textured Overlay (sqft)

Add Patterned Concrete (sqft)

Add Travertine Paver Deck (sqft)

Remove And Add Mastic In Expansion Joints

Pentair 400k Btu Gas Heater

Pentair Svrs Energy Efficient Pump

Pentair 520 Cartridge Filter

Pentair Ez Touch Controller - 4 Function

Pentair Ez Touch Controller - 8 Function

Pentair 500 Watt White Pool Light

Pentair 100 Watt White Spa Light

Pentair Led Glo Brite Pool Light (2)

Pentair Led Glo Brite Spa Light

Pentair In-line Chlorine Tablet Chlorinator

Pentair Salt Chlorinator

Paramount In-Line-Ozone-UV Chlorinator

Licensed Gas Plumbing Installation For Heater

Install Lights Only

Install Single Equipment

Install Full Equipment

Add a 36 SQ FT Spa

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