Have you always wanted a pool but thought they were just too expensive and took too long to build? Plungie Pools are the perfect choice for you. The Plungie is the fastest, easiest, and highest-quality concrete pool on the market. They are strong and versatile, budget-friendly, and offer quick and easy installation so you can start swimming faster.

About Plungie Pool

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Based in Australia, Plungie developed a range of precast, prefabricated concrete plungie pools, that have become affectionately known as Plungies. The Plungie is an award-winning, world-first product that’s pioneering the future of swimming pools; bringing the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pool to the market. These pools aren’t just an innovative product solution, they’re a revolutionary process solution that gives builders more control over their projects and customers a faster, easier, and more often than not, cost-effective solution for a premium concrete swimming pool.

Why Buy a Plungie Pool?

Strong & Versatile

Plungie’s award-winning precast concrete pools are the first of their kind, bringing the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pool to the market. Through advanced design, engineering and manufacturing, we’ve created the only national concrete swimming pool solution.

Budget Friendly

A Plungie Pool can achieve the aesthetics of an inground pool for a price much closer to that of an above ground pool. There is no need to build an expensive retaining wall for a Plungie Pool.

Quick Installation

Enjoy your pool in days not months! By deconstructing and reengineering the concrete pool building process, Plungie has streamlined both production and on-site build times.

Plungie Installation

Plungie also has numerous ways for installation. Anyone can install a Plungie pool!

Bring Your Own Builder (BYOB)

Any qualified home builder or pool builder can manage the certification, site preparation, and installation of a Plungie. Some states and territories also allow for a structural landscaper or plumber to install one.

Full-Service Plungie Dealer

Plungie has a growing number of installation partners in selected areas across the world who can prepare a site and install their pools.


Installing a Plungie as an owner-builder is available in some states across the world so it’s important to check the required processes and permits with the local government.

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Max Model Specs

The world’s largest monolithic pre-cast concrete swimming pool, our Plungie Max delivers style by way of design and functionality.

At 20ft x 10ft, this swimming pool-sized Plungie is the largest of our range and is perfect for larger families or anyone looking for extra fun and relaxation out of their pool.

20 ft

5,300 gal

10 ft

Dry Weight
26,000 lbs

5.5 ft

Bench Space
43 sq ft

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