Sometimes life connects you to special people when you least expect it. As is the case with one of our recent clients, Tim and Raina Clark. What started out as any other custom pool build turned into a beautiful experience that allowed Hobert Pools to give back to Hanna4Hope, a foundation that raises awareness to teenage suicide.

Raina contacted Hobert Pools to build a custom backyard pool and throughout email correspondence, Julie Reyna, noticed a website link in Raina’s signature. Julie clicked it and came to Hanna4Hope’s home page and was immediately drawn to the foundation’s purpose.

Hanna4Hope is a foundation created in memory of Raina and Tim’s daughter Hanna, who committed suicide at the age of 15. Hanna4Hope actively organizes teen committees and clubs at both public and private schools, led by school officials, to focus on the many challenges facing today’s youth, including bullying, dating, test taking, stress and family environments. In turn, teen clubs at the schools organize and rally the student body, encouraging students to be aware of signs of depression or sadness among their peers, and reaching out to them to let them know they are not alone and there is help.

“It truly touched my heart to see how they turned their own personal tragedy into a foundation that can help others to prevent the same ordeal that they went through,” says Julie. “It just shows what amazing people they are.”

Julie reached out to other members of the Hobert Pools team, and it was decided to donate $500 to Hanna4Hope, which was personally presented to the family.

“Raina and Tim were so grateful and appreciative, but really they are the ones that touched us all at Hobert,” says Julie. “And I think this quote from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is very fitting for the Clark family, ‘The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.’”

You can learn more about the Hanna4Hope foundation by visiting