When people decide to add a pool to their home, the first question we usually get is “how much does it cost?” Then, the next question is almost always “how long will it take?” Both very important questions and both with similar answers: it depends. Of course, no one wants to hear that as an answer, but any pool company that guarantees a timeframe early on in the process could be leading you astray. There are many factors that go into the pool construction process and some of them are out of the builder’s control. 

However, we can offer you guidelines that will give you a good idea. Well, normally. As we all know, normal is a rare thing these days and it’s making the process longer than usual and much more difficult to predict. In fact, if you’re thinking about a new swimming pool in 2021, right now is the best time to get started. To reiterate, if you want a custom swimming pool by the spring of next year, now is when you should contact a trusted and reliable local pool builder.  

So how long does it take during normal circumstances? First of all, you have the design process. This can go very quickly or can take time depending on the customer. Then comes the permitting process. This is what people usually don’t think about, but it has to get done before any work can begin. Largely out of control of the pool builder, permitting for a new inground pool typically takes about a month. (Right now it’s closer to 6 weeks.) 

After the permitting is complete, building your new pool can take 12-16 weeks during peak season. You also have to consider unforeseen things like weather and rain that can extend the construction time. Putting the entire process together, from design to permitting to construction, building a pool takes longer than most people think. As an example, if you want your pool ready by Memorial Day, you really need to sign the contract by the beginning of March. February to be safe. 

Again, that’s under normal circumstances. With the current high demand for inground pools, along with shortages on labor and materials, if you want your pool ready by Memorial Day of next year, you need to get the process started as soon as possible. It’s also a very good idea to go with a well-established builder with long-standing relationships with its suppliers. This can help the process move along faster. 

In short, during the busiest times of the year, it can realistically take up to five months from the first contact to the first splash to put a pool in your backyard. But since these times are anything but typical, the sooner you get started the better.