As it became clear that COVID-19 wasn’t going away quickly, a huge number of American families started to think about having a pool at home. After all, it would be a great way to escape the house and enjoy the outdoors without putting anyone at risk. As pool demand surged, suppliers struggled to keep up with double-digit increases in demand. And that’s not the only thing that’s changed about pool construction in the last five to 10 years.

Let’s take a look at how families approach their pool projects today and how it impacts your potential backyard oasis.

Significant Increase in Demand
In 2019, there wasn’t as strong of demand for pools as we’re seeing right now. But that changed when everyone had to stay home. Suddenly everyone wanted a haven where they could enjoy their outdoor space, swim, and have entertainment for their family. 

Sales went up dramatically, and all of a sudden there was a three-week wait just to get an appointment to discuss a future installation. Demand has yet to slow down. Reputable builders are faced with such a high demand that they now have their schedules booked far in advance. As they remain committed to all their clients, many are asking for patience and understanding during these long wait periods. 

The Scope of Pools is Much Larger
At one time, getting a pool simply meant a swimming space with a patio around it. However, today’s consumers want much more than just a pool. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, and a swimming pool project has become more like a miniature resort, which is perfect for the times we are living in.

Pool owners today want more elaborate layouts, and what used to be considered an extra feature is now commonplace. Fire and water features, waterfalls and grottos, infinity edges, the options are truly endless. Homeowners are looking for an oasis, not just a place to swim. The outdoor living space being built today is a culmination of beauty and function. 

Larger Budgets & Longer Timelines
Because so many people are looking to extend their living space outdoors, the pool is just a small part of an overall backyard makeover.  People also want outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and seating areas where they can gather under the sun or stars and enjoy time with family and friends. These expansive backyard spaces are more than just a pretty place, they’re full of function for years of memories and joy. 

Today’s pool builders remain creative in their visions, and they continue to expand their craft by learning new techniques, incorporating quality materials and creating timeless designs. In order to have a seamless building experience pool builders go through the entire design and build process in a meticulous manner to ensure everything from the pool and outdoor living space is perfect for homeowners. 

This coupled with the higher demands for pools is leaving clients with build times that are longer than usual. Because so many suppliers have backlogs, this can extend the amount of time it takes to finish a pool installation significantly. 

Your Dallas Pool Building Experts
Everyone wants their home to be a place they can enjoy, especially since staying closer to home seems to be the new normal. Yes, a new pool project will take longer than it used to, but it’s still worthwhile. Get in touch with the pool building experts at Hobert Pools & Spas today to start planning your beautiful outdoor living space. 

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