Everyone loves the idea of a spa or pool in their backyard. More and more, however, people want to make their backyard relaxation spot something unique, natural and truly inviting. Now more than ever, people are gearing towards creating an entire backyard oasis. Imagine a pool with a rock garden, waterfalls, fire pits and yard art that forms a space all on its own. A good oasis should be like stepping into a whole new world where you can forget the pressures of real life and relax in a fantasy space for a few hours. Learn how to design a backyard oasis with striking features that will make everyone choose your home for the next barbecue this summer!

The Ideal Backyard Oasis

The first thing you want to do in creating your backyard oasis is to sit down and make a “dream list.” This list should include everything that, in your mind, an oasis should contain. This can include everything from a play area to a fire pit. Consider such features as grottos, bubblers, tanning-ledges, fire bowls and even waterslides to give that special touch of class, grace and solid fun to your space.


Measure the Space

Measure your entire backyard, and make a careful plan of how much space you want to devote for your oasis. This should also include the area of the pool or spa you plan to put in. Do you want a whirlpool? A natural pool? What about a spillover feature or waterfall? There are arguments to be made both for formal pools and natural ones, and which you decide to use depends on your personal tastes.


After you’ve determined the size of the pool or spa, decide how much space you’ll need for landscaping and additional features. This is where your dream list comes into play. How much space will each feature take up? You don’t want everything to be too cramped together, and you may find you have to prioritize dream features from must-haves.


Color Coordination

Decide what plants and accents you’re going to have and make sure that your color palate is going to be welcoming, relaxing and not too bright, gaudy or clashing. Mixing and matching is a good thing, but in the end you want your features to complement one another and not stick out like a sore thumb. The better you coordinate your design, the better your relaxation time will be.


Sounds Matter

You want to include relaxing sounds in your oasis area to give that sense of peace you desire. Consider construction features that will block out background noise—even a simple wooden fence can do the trick. Proper landscaping will guide the wind to provide a nice breeze, and wind chimes can do wonders for your peace of mind.


Seating and Physical Relaxation

Too many people get so involved with their landscape design that they forget to include plenty of seating for themselves, their family and their guests! The last thing you want is an oasis that doesn’t actually have a space for people to sit down or lay back and relax! Considering adding an outdoor living room, pergola or arbor to your backyard oasis dream design.


Getting Professional Advice

Before you complete and finalize your design, it never hurts to reach out to a professional oasis design specialist. There are tons of pool and spa companies out there, but not all of them provide a full range of features and the expertise needed to arrange everything just so. Call in the professionals for a consultation. Show them your dream list, and get their thoughts and ideas. Ask for an estimate and don’t be afraid to ask where you can save money and still get a high quality result.

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