Having a pool is one of the greatest joys that a homeowner can experience. However, like most things in our home, pools need a good deal of maintenance to keep them pristine and running like new. If you’ve had your pool for a while, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain your pool if you don’t have access to the proper equipment. Outfitting your pool with the right maintenance equipment means saving money and having your pool function like it’s been freshly installed. Read on to find out what must-have pool equipment you need to help maintain your pool, and keep it running like new for months and years to come.

Get Efficiency with a Variable Speed Pump

Traditional pool pumps are the worst combination of inefficient and energy consuming. Because they only have one speed, traditional pumps cannot maintain your pool to the level that you need. To up the energy efficiency in your pool, you need to install a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps—like the Pentair IntelliFlo—are equipped with digital controls and variable drives to offer you high levels of energy efficiency and overall performance (not to mention big savings). If you want to save money while keeping your pool running smoothly, a Pentair IntelliFlo variable speed pump is for you.


Keep Your Pool Sparkling with a Pentair Racer Cleaner

Removing debris from your pool is probably the largest task associated with pool maintenance. Instead of trying to perform the task yourself with pool skimmers and other manual equipment, you should simplify the process with a Pentair Racer Cleaner. The Pentair Racer Cleaner is a powerful pool cleaner that can remove even the largest types of debris from your pool with the greatest of ease. Regularly using the Racer Cleaner will make sure the water in your pool is always clear of debris and ready to use whenever you want it.


Save Time and Money with Automation

Because maintaining a pool is a full time job, it is easy for something to get lost in the shuffle. Without constant vigilance, it is possible for your pool to waste energy and suffer more wear and tear than is necessary. The best way to avoid these wasteful situations is to automate your pool to the highest level possible. Automation means that you don’t have to worry about shutting down or starting up your pool’s most crucial systems, which both saves you money and makes sure your pool isn’t suffering any stress when not in use. Installing automated features is one of the best ways to maintain your pool well into the future.


Purchase Must-Have Pool Equipment from a Trusted Company

Keeping your pool running like new is dependent on getting must-have pool equipment from a trusted pool company like Hobert Pools and Spas. Hobert is dedicated to providing high quality pool installation and maintenance service year after year. If you would like to learn more about our commitment to service, you can contact us, or better yet, you can come and visit us on May 7 for our Water Safety Month Lunch and Learn.

From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. we will be offering a Pool School and CPR Classes, as well as free upgrades to Pentair Racer Cleaners and available consultation from a Pentair expert. Make sure to stop by for some free BBQ and to learn more about Hobert Pools and Spas.



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