Saw all the other threads on new builds and thought I would do one too even though we are through to tile/coping. I will say this building process has been pretty stressful. We have a good builder but my wife and I are very impatient! All the rain we have had is not helping either. Hoping to be finished up close to end of month or first of August. the neighbor behind me just had a pool built by the same builder and they finished it in 7 weeks. I think it will go a little past that. I wish I could go back the planning stage with what I know now. There are a few things I would change but hindsight is 20/20. One big regret is I wish we would have gone a little bigger. The width is good 32′ and 15′ the other way but I didn’t think about how much room the tanning ledge would take up the 15′ way on that side of the pool. I have plenty of room behind the pool where I am doing landscaping wish I would have gone another 4′ that way. In reality I know it will be great and we cant wait to swim!

So many decisions with building a pool. I swear it was less stressful than building a house. I also had no idea how expensive pools are to build. I mean I knew it wasn’t cheap but wow. Cant wait to get in the pool and escape the Texas heat with family and friends!