Freeze warnings have been issued and you’re going to experience the outdoor temperatures taking a swan dive right past freezing. It’s important to protect your pool from the frigid temperatures to avoid costly damage by following the steps below:

Balance Your Pool Chemicals
As many pool owners know, proper water chemistry is one of the most important things you need to maintain. When a freeze is approaching, the first thing you should do is check your water and adjust the chemicals to keep the pH as balanced as possible. 

Keep the Water Running
Moving water cannot freeze. Be sure to have your pump and filtration system running constantly during the freeze period. Many pools with newer equipment come with freeze protectors. These sensors automatically turn on to keep the pool water running when temperatures drop below 34 degrees. Single-speed pumps, the pumps that must be turned on and off accordingly, need to be manually set to run  24-hours. Variable- and two-speed pumps should be protected from the freeze as long as they are running at high or low speed. 

Additional Steps for Freeze Protection

  • Clean your filter to make sure it will keep the water flowing properly. 
  • Protect your plumbing lines by keeping them insulated. You can use a tarp, towels and even pool noodles. 
  • Do not put gas or electric heaters near your pool equipment in an effort to keep them warm. This can damage your equipment or cause a fire.  

Once the Freeze is Over
Once the weather recovers to non-freezing temperatures, you still have a bit of work to do. Break up any ice that may have accumulated on the water’s surface. If the power goes out, turn off all circuit breakers leading to your pool equipment and open up the filter air bleed valve. 

Remove all drain plugs from the bottom of your pool pump and the drain filter, and take off all winterizing plugs/open drain valves to remove any excess water (you can place the plugs in the pump basket) and then loosely replace the lid. Adjust your valves to their middle positions as this will allow your pool water to flow back into the pool.

Also, remove any dirt or debris from the pool and be sure your pool water is at an acceptable level. Replace any lids and parts you removed, balance your water chemistry and let  your pump run for 24 hours.

Your Pool Care Experts in Rockwall & Murphy
Costly repairs are preventable by being proactive. By following the simple steps above you’ll be able to protect your pool from the upcoming inclement weather. Give the pool care experts at Hobert Pools & Spas a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding the freezing weather and protecting your pool.