“Not having built a pool before, we were very nervous about selecting the right builder. Our goal was to go with a company who had a long standing, solid reputation in the DFW area, vs a cheaper alternative. Hobert is one of the companies we vetted along with another known top builder, and a smaller builder who had done many jobs in our neighborhood. Ultimately it was the 10 references I called personally and the sales process, which sold us on Hobert. This included educating us on all aspects of the build…including several renderings and suggestions on what to do and not to do. Other companies, I literally felt I was being pushed through a cycle…not a good feeling when we were not purchasing a low end pool/spa.

Hobert did a great job managing our expectations on timing, mess and input needed by us along the way. The pool was finished quickly, even before another pool which started in the neighborhood before ours. We had a few instances where we didn’t like the stone mix chosen or drainage watchouts, but everything was taken care of by either Aaron (on-site) or Duke (head supervisor in office). Net, the process was not nearly as stressful as we thought it was going to be…where neighbors appeared to fight with their pool companies throughout the process.

A year later, we have been 100% satisfied with our selections for the pool and the service we have received on minor items. I cannot express enough that if you spend this much money on a purchase to do your research, include Hobert in your consideration set and don’t go for the lowest bid. No, I am not a relative of someone who works for Hobert!

Relative to the literal dozens of pools installed in my neighborhood, we are the only family who is not complaining about their pool process and follow-up service. I know I can always call Hobert if I need any further assistance. They know my name, and are always very helpful and return calls promptly. Thank you Hobert Team!”

Henderson Family

Frisco, TX