Exciting new features and fresh designer touches can transform your Dallas swimming pool and spa into a custom haven of fun and relaxation designed just for you! From bold fire elements casting sparkling reflections to bubbling waterfalls and energy-saving LED color lighting that you can control from your phone, you can add both style and functionality to your outdoor living space.


1. The Custom Grotto

Let’s face it. We all still enjoy having a secret getaway like when we were kids. Custom caves and grottos can be added to pools, creating a private space to chill out, get away from it all, or simply hide for a while. Done right, they can provide the feeling of being miles away in a secluded oasis of your own. Besides, they’re just plain fun!


2. The Waterfall

Is any swimming pool feature as idyllic as the waterfall? A well-designed and built waterfall will add a striking and very unique feature to your swimming pool, while the sound of the bubbling, free-flowing water brings a sense of peace and serenity.


3. The Fountain

Fountains can be as basic or as ornate as you choose. They are a great way to customize your poolscape and create a signature design in your backyard, possibly becoming a much-needed focal point for your design aesthetic. Like waterfalls, fountains add moving water to your poolscape and bring another dimension of sight and sound. Don’t forget to take advantage of available spectacular fountain lighting to create a nighttime fantasy.


4. The Sheer Descent

Sheer descents are a popular choice for modern pools because of their crisp lines and sleek edges. They give many of the benefits of fountains and waterfalls while keeping the swimming pool minimalist, modern, and a much smaller price tag. Available in various lengths and with the ability to be lit from inside, they can be placed almost anywhere in the pool and add the sound and beauty of a smooth sheet of falling water.  


5. The Beach Entry

Swapping out pool steps and ladders with a gently sloped beach entry have been a top pool remodel around Dallas for a number of years, especially for those who want an easier access point. This attractive pool renovation can include a transition of materials from dry to wet. At the same time, it provides a dual-purpose; easy access and a comfortable place to cool off without having to actually get in the pool.


6. The Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge, also known as the baja reef or shamu shelf, is a fun swimming pool feature perfect for lounging and soaking up some much needed vitamin D. For those with little ones, it can serve as a great spot to splash and play with youngsters without wading into the deeper water. With the addition of an umbrella and a couple of lounge chairs, you’ll find yourself transported to a Caribbean island.


7. The Swim-Up Bar

Who wants to get out of the pool to eat or drink? Popular at many resorts, the swim-up bar with built-in bar stools is a fun and unique element to add to your pool. It’s a way to enjoy the water while also enjoying a drink or snack. Connect it to an outdoor and kitchen and you’ve got the ultimate party space.


8. Pool Mosaics

Adding a pool mosaic as part of your renovation project will make your swimming pool uniquely you. From geometric designs to animals to favorite sports team logos, pool mosaics allow you to express your individuality. They can even be custom designed to be almost anything you like.  


9. The Fire Pit

Add a whole different dynamic to your backyard with a firepit. Perfect for cool nights, they add light and warmth to your backyard. A firepit will quickly become the go-to place for your guests during any party. Concerned that you don’t have a lot of room? No problem. Look into a zero elevation firepit where you can turn it on during cool evenings or place a lounge chair over it when not in use.


10. The Lighting

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to showcase your poolscape is to update your pool lighting. Plus, by upgrading to LED lighting, you’ll be doing both your wallet and the environment a favor. Lighting styles and options have greatly expanded over the years to let you control the colors and mood of your backyard.

If you want to add any of these ideas to your Dallas swimming pool, contact the backyard design experts at Hobert Pools. Or, if you simply want to update your coping, replaster your pool, or upgrade your plumbing and equipment, we can do that, too.



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