Because we love our animals like family…. ?❤️ For every contract signed in February, Hobert Pools will make a $250.00 donation to Operation Kindness – a wonderful organization. Why? Because we love our pets like family.

Sometimes life connects you to special people when you least expect it. As is the case with one of our recent clients, Tim and Raina Clark. What started out as any other custom pool build turned into a beautiful experience that allowed Hobert Pools to give back to Hanna4Hope, a foundation that raises awareness to  Read More

Often times, people look at their backyard pool and think, “This is it. It is always going to look like this.” But that’s simply not the case. Your pool can be remodeled or renovated to reflect current trends while operating at a higher efficiency. There’s no reason for you to accept a mediocre pool when  Read More

States in the northern and central USA may experience their first chilly days as early as mid-September, but for those in the south, we may not experience cold weather at all.  This makes it perfect for those fortunate enough to be in a warmer climate to go and take a dip in the pool. Finding  Read More

With today’s busy lifestyle having a place to unwind and relax is a necessity.  Temporarily escaping the demands of life can refresh your mind and body, making you more productive and improving the quality of your relationships.  Imagine that place being your own backyard. Incorporating a water feature into your outdoor space is the ideal  Read More

Hobert Pools, your premier Dallas and Rockwall pool builder that offers custom designs with you in mind, invites you to take a look at our featured pool of the month. This backyard is the ultimate in classic and elegant design. From the formal shaped swimming pool (often referred to as a contemporary or classic design)  Read More

June is the month we celebrate Dads and thank them for all that they do throughout the year. Hobert Pools and Spas, with the help of Primo Ceramic Grills, put together a list of 5 simple features that will help create a backyard any father would love! Outdoor Living Areas Make your backyard functional year-round  Read More