Building a pool is an exciting process, and if you’re like many homeowners, you want it finished quickly so you can start enjoying your new outdoor oasis. While build times used to average a few months, today’s “new normal” has pushed extended build times out even further, leaving homeowners wondering just how long it will  Read More

As it became clear that COVID-19 wasn’t going away quickly, a huge number of American families started to think about having a pool at home. After all, it would be a great way to escape the house and enjoy the outdoors without putting anyone at risk. As pool demand surged, suppliers struggled to keep up  Read More

The state of the pool construction industry has been greatly affected by COVID. While more and more homeowners are looking to add a pool to their backyard and enjoy the benefits of relaxing staycations mere steps from their back door, it’s important to understand that building a pool looks a bit different right now.  2020  Read More

It’s safe to say 2020 was an unprecedented year. The effects of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders had an impact on nearly every industry, including the home and pool building sectors. But it doesn’t mean business stops moving forward. While business may look a bit differently than usual, it’s not enough to walk away from  Read More

When it comes to investing in a new pool, it’s imperative that you research the pool builder and know who it is you are about to do business with. Unfortunately, a lot of companies will do what’s necessary to make themselves look good on social media, selling themselves as a reputable company. But there are  Read More