Swimming pools make any house feel more like home. Having one in your backyard adds to the general ambiance of your home and creates a place to build many wonderful memories. If you’ve been thinking about building a pool in your backyard, you may be surprised to see an increase in price from what it  Read More

The state of the pool construction industry has been greatly affected by COVID. While more and more homeowners are looking to add a pool to their backyard and enjoy the benefits of relaxing staycations mere steps from their back door, it’s important to understand that building a pool looks a bit different right now.  2020  Read More

Freeze warnings have been issued and you’re going to experience the outdoor temperatures taking a swan dive right past freezing. It’s important to protect your pool from the frigid temperatures to avoid costly damage by following the steps below: Balance Your Pool ChemicalsAs many pool owners know, proper water chemistry is one of the most  Read More

When people decide to add a pool to their home, the first question we usually get is “how much does it cost?” Then, the next question is almost always “how long will it take?” Both very important questions and both with similar answers: it depends. Of course, no one wants to hear that as an  Read More

Thank you for visiting our new web presence. Hobert Pools & Spas is a Dallas area pool builder serving Murphy, Rockwall, and the surrounding communities, who would love to help you with your pool project. Hobert Pools & Spas builds beautiful backyards with one principle in mind: treat the customer as one of our own.  Read More